When you place your ads with us, your ads are managed by emanila.com that is in a position to place your ads on its own pages as well as its member websites, including The Filipino Australian. The emanila group turns over more than 100 times the circulation of an average Philippine community newspaper in Australia!

Why advertise on The Filipino Australian?

Here are some of the benefits you receive:

  1. Your ads are focused to your targeted audience.
  2. Your ads are beamed to hundreds of thousands of potential customers.
  3. You can change the design of your advertisement anytime
  4. Access to your advertisement is available 24/7 using any internet connection whether using a standard computer or a smartphone

Lastly, advertising at The Filipino Australian is very cost-effective.

With your ads with us, you pay only a fraction of what you would normally pay to a newspaper or magazine.


A full-page 3,000 copies newspaper would cost you approximately A$900 per issue. A postcard-sized ad would cost a minimum A$200 per issue.

For a 90,000 page views package, we charge you only $450 per month. Looking at it another way: For A$900, we can sell you 180,000 page views! Assuming a generous multiplier of 10 readers for every printed copy of a newspaper, an internet ad would be delivered six times more.

How competitive are our rates? We charge only a fraction of what other web publishers are charging. Because we do not have excessive overhead, we can afford to offer these very low rates. When you contact us, let us know if you need a copy of what others are charging.

Advertisement Sizes and Rates

Currently, the pages of The Filipino Australian New section are optimised to display the following ad sizes:

Banner ad: 728px x 90px
Rectangular: 300px x 250px
Square: 200px x 200px

To receive a copy of our advertising package with our rates for different advertising types, and see how we can help you reach your audience, please contact us.