This policy governs the submission and publication of material in The Filipino Australian website and related sites.

1. The focus of The Filipino Australian is the Filipinos in Australia, Filipino Australian community, and Australian events with impact on the wider and multicultural Australian society.

2. Whilst news and other content contributions including opinions are welcome, The Filipino Australian reserves the right to publish the submitted material, or to publish the submitted material in an edited form to conform to the standards of the web site. The website Editor and/or Publisher have the discretion to reject materials submitted for publication. News content covers text, graphics, hardcopy photos or scanned images. Sexuality explicit content or content that promotes drug addiction, racial vilification, illegal material or profane language are automatically rejected.

3. Contributors of unsolicited material may be required to provide the following personal details: full name, email address, physical address, telephone number, educational background and writing experience.

4. By posting materials for publication at The Filipino Australian, the poster agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use of this website as well as by this Policy. Since it may not be practicable for this website to authenticate all information submitted, the poster makes the following representations:

(a) The material is poster’s original works, or the results of the poster’s researches, or that if the material has been published earlier, the member-poster has copyright to the material including any graphics or images that the member-poster uses, or that if part of the material is owned by third party(ies), the member-poster has obtained the written permission of the said copyright owner(s), or that if the article is based on research, appropriate attribution or bibliography is indicated from where the information has been sourced.

(b) The poster confers to The Filipino Australian, or any of their assigns the right to republish the material in other webpages or in other media – electronic or otherwise- including magazines, periodicals, books and similar publications without obtaining the poster’s written permission. This re-publication rights extend to posters deciding to re-publish their articles elsewhere outside the network. Re-published articles should carry the following attribution note: This article was first published by The Filipino Australian at or Source: The Filipino Australian at

(c ) Frees The Filipino Australian, or any of their staff from any liabilities or damages, legal or otherwise, that may arise from the publication of the poster’s material brought by third parties.

5. Materials for publication are accepted subject to the following conditions:

(a) Graphics or scanned images should be no larger than 475pixels wide x 356 pixels high, 75kb in file size, and in jpeg, gif or png format, or with other specifications to conform with our website’s current design and layout.

(b) The poster acknowledges that this web site or its staff can exercise their discretion in (1) editing or deleting part of the text to suit the audience of the website, (ii) cropping or moving the images to conform to the standards of the website, or (iii ) rejecting the material for publication.

(c) The poster acknowledges that this website or its staff can delete any text or graphics inserted in news, stories or announcements which directly or indirectly promote a business, product or service.

This policy may be amended to reflect changing market conditions. Content contributors are encouraged to visit this page regularly for any changes.

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