Corruption in the USA, Donald Trump involved in corruption, Transparency Int’l says

We have looked upon the United States as a model of clean government.and we have been locked to thinking that corruption is happening only in countries like the Philippines. Here’s something that should change that perception.

In an email broadcast headlined “Corruption in the USA” released on Friday August 24, corruption monitoring organisation, Transparency International issued a damning statement which also cited US President Donald Trump as being involved in corruption scandals.

Transparency International reported:

“This week has seen two big developments in the corruption scandal involving US President, Donald Trump.


“Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, was found guilty of fraud. On the same day his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pled guilty to fraud and campaign finance violations.

“Manafort lied to banks to get millions of dollars in personal loans and hid millions in earnings from the US tax agency. He hid this money through setting up anonymous companies. These companies received payments from Ukrainian businessmen and paid them into Manafort’s personal bank accounts as if they were loans rather than income.

“Anonymous companies hide the identity of their owners, making it hard to connect them with criminal activity. They are a common tool for laundering money and paying bribes, and Transparency International is pressuring governments to stop them.

“Cohen admitted secretly paying two women during the 2016 presidential election campaign to stay quiet about their relationships with Trump. He claimed that Trump instructed him to make the payments, in violation of campaign finance laws.

“These convictions led to renewed calls from opposition politicians to end corruption in US politics. Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed legislation to crack down on lobbying, stop people moving back and forth between elected government positions and corporate jobs, and force presidential candidates to reveal their tax returns. Warren said: ‘Corruption is a form of public cancer, and Washington’s got it bad.’

‘Corruption is a systemic problem and Americans think it’s getting worse. No matter which party tackles it, corruption must be removed from all aspects US society.”

In 2017, the United States scored a far 16th place from New Zealand and Denmark, the least corrupt countries in Transparency International’ annualp Corruption Perception Index.

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