Australia’s population now 25m plus, Indian Australian baby boy becomes 25 millionth

Australia’s 25-millionth is a baby boy born last night at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital to an Indian Australian couple.

When Australia’s population hits the 25 million mark, it was not ­entirely clear, even to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, whether that would be through migration or birth.

Screenshot: ABS website
Screenshot: ABS website

The bureau has a “population clock” on its website, which notes one birth every 102 seconds, one death every three minutes and 16 seconds, one migrant arriving every 61 seconds and one resident leaving to live overseas every 111 seconds.

The population ticked over to 24 million in January 2016 and is expected to reach 26 million in three years. In 1901, 36 per cent of Australians lived in capital cities and 64 per cent in other urban or rural areas. By last year this had ­reversed, with 67 per cent living in capital cities.

The baby boy’s mother was reported as saying that she hoped her son’s life in a multicultural Australia would involve being treated equally and he would “treat and look after everyone the same way”.

The young family was joined at the hospital by the mother’s parents, who described their grandson’s birth as the family’s ‘gift to Australia’.

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