Fair Dinkum Fun with Lego to promote harmony

Children all over Australia will have the chance to show off their creative genius with Lego in a national competition Fair Dinkum Fun – My Lego story.

The organiser of Fair Dinkum Fun, Asian Media Centre Director Mimi Chau, said: “We know kids loved Up to express themselves with Lego. We want them to tell their own story with Lego to promote diversity, equity and cultural competence in their early years.

Fair Dinkum Fun Lego [Source: Supplied]
Fair Dinkum Fun Lego [Source: Supplied]

“For example, children of migrant background may have some special experience or place from their home country prominent in their memory and may wish to reproduce a model of it in Lego and then tell us a story about its significance for them.

“We want children from all over the country to participate in the competition as a way of helping them fully use their imagination and to use LEGO blocks to spell out their ‘dream world’ creative story. We believe this is a great way to educate children to play their role in building a harmonious society,” she said.

Children are encouraged to tell their creative story within 300 words and submit it with a creative Lego model, as a photo or a two-minute video.

Social media approvals could also influence the judging outcome from sites such as Facebook or Wechat.

The Target Age group is 7-15. Applicants will be divided into three age groups 7-9, 10-12, and 13-15 for the judging process.

Applications can be made on line by email to info@asianmediacentre.com.au.

Entry is free. Entries close September 1, 2018.

Finalists from each Group will be selected by the judging panel.

All finalists will attend the presentation in Sydney.

The first 50 applicants will also be invited to the award presentation whether they are finalists or not.

Prizes will be given, in each age category, for:

Most Creative Award – A trophy with UNICEF gift.

Fair Dinkum Award – A trophy with UNICEF gift.

Remaining Finalists – Award of UNICEF gift.

Fair Dinkum Fun is organised by the Asian Media Centre and supported by Australia Asia Film Group, Multicultural NSW and the Federation of Community Language School who will be involved in the judging process.

Media Inquiries: Warren Duncan 0411 507 080 or email:warren.duncan.crc@gmail.com

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