Ticket reselling laws in NSW now operational

New Ticket Reselling Laws are now in place, Multicultural NSW reminded the public recently.

From 1 June 2018, new laws on ticket reselling apply in New South Wales.

It is now against the law to resell tickets for more than the original ticket cost, plus transaction costs that are capped at 10%.

The new laws apply to tickets to NSW events that are first sold or supplied by the authorised seller on or after 1 June 2018 and have a resale restriction. A resale restriction is a term or condition of a ticket that limits the circumstances in which the ticket may be resold, or prohibits resale of the ticket.

The new laws protect consumers by preventing an event organiser from cancelling a ticket on the basis it was resold, if it was sold in accordance with the new laws. The event organiser may cancel a ticket and refuse entry if a ticket is resold for more than the original value plus transaction costs (capped at 10%).

Visit the NSW Fair Trading website to find out more about buying tickets and ticket reselling.

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