Beauty, deliciousness of Filipino food at Shangri-La Sydney

By Roseann Paraan

Lucky to be at the opening day yesterday of the 5th annual Shangri-la event that celebrates the beauty and deliciousness of Filipino food (Sept 8-16). Our tummies thanked us after the feast!

Greeted with smiles by Shangri-La’s Alyssa and her team we entered Cafe Mix, we could already smell the food as we walked pass the Philippine flag, a few other cultural items, and then there it was — a colourful spread of Filipino food that made you feel like you were ‘home’.

Starting off with various Filipino salads that consisted of okra, bamboo shoots, to pickled papaya — the dishes were colourful and freshly made.

The mains were just as nice from Kare-Kare, chicken inasal and the pork Lechon, you really knew you had to taste them all and indulge.

And then the desserts! Oh, gee, you really wished you wore a looser shirt or stretchy pants, you couldn’t have a Filipino feast without having dessert!

So we chose the mini braso-de-Mercedes, to sticky rice cakes, we ended with halo-halo . Yum!

We met the guest chefs from the Philippines who designed the menu and cooked our meals, and they humbly spoke of how they wanted people to feel when eating the food they prepared.

In summary, the main dishes were influenced by Spanish and Latin American flavours that are more prominent in some of the Philippine areas.

When eating the desserts it should feel like it was made with a motherly touch, and the salads made of fresh ingredients are the kind of salads you want more of, using ingredients that are not easily sourced but tastes just like eating at home.

PHOTOS: With Alyssa Jackson, guest chefs from Shangri-La Fort Manila Jovelyn Adra, Clayford Manuel and Charie Carmel Ferolin, and Henry Paraan (creator and founder of Mateburger and TFA food blogger).

Ed’s Notes: Thanks to Alyssa Jackson and her team at Shangri-La in Sydney for making Emanila / The Filipino Australian part of the annual hotel group’s Philippine food festival over the years.

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