5th annual Philippine foodfest at Shangri-La in Sydney, 8-16 Sept

Food enthusiasts will revel in the delicious depths of Philippine cuisine as the renowned Philippine Food Festival returns in its fifth year at Café Mix from 8 to 16 September 2017.

5th Annual Philippine food festival, Shangri-La Sydney, 8-16 Sept
5th Annual Philippine food festival, Shangri-La Sydney, 8-16 Sept

Guests will delight in treasured Filipino dishes, known as the ‘original fusion cuisine’ and taste an array of colourful flavours created by guest chefs Jovelyn Adra, Clayford Manuel and Charie Carmel Ferolin of Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila who have flown in for the annual food festival.

Sydney-siders will spoil their taste buds with delectable Filipino dishes, including Sisig, Lechon, Chicken Inasal and Adobo, a ubiquitous dish found in every household in the Philippines.

The dessert station boasts an indulgent finish, featuring authentic Filipino sweets, including Leche Flan, Buko Pandan and Pichi-Pichi.

With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a colourful history and blessed with an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits and creative cooks.

Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney’s Executive Chef Hemant Dadlani is pleased to celebrate a moving feast and host the hotel’s fifth Philippine Food Festival at Café Mix.

“The taste of Filipino food relies entirely on acids and sweetness, perhaps more than Any other cuisine. Our guest chefsfrom Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila will showcase flavourful dishes which will truly captivate the essences for which Philippine culture is known,” Chef Dadlani said.

The Philippine Food Festival is presented in partnership with Philippine Airlines and the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Source: Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

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