Philippine Spring Festival to cap ‘Balik-Tanaw’ arts exhibition

A free-to- the-public cultural parade featuring various iconic festivals in the Philippines will mark the culmination of the Balik-Tanaw Philippine Arts Exhibition at the Peacock Arts Gallery (Auburn Botanical Gardens, corner Chisholm and Chiswick Roads, Auburn) on Saturday, September 2 from 12:00 noon.

Philippine Spring Fetival to cap Balik Tanaw Art Exhibition
Philippine Spring Fetival to cap Balik Tanaw Art Exhibition

The Filipino-Australian community organisations are invited by the Cumberland Council (formerly Auburn) and Philippine community project team to participate in this historic-first-of-a- kind parade to promote Philippine culture and tourism through one of the following:

1. Proudly depicting your favourite cultural or religious fiesta of any province or barrio. Promote or spotlight your Charity Queens in the Sagala- Santacruzan and Procession or simply showcase your tribal costume and dances.

2. Community leaders are invited to join us in carrying the Bayanihan house (named “Hopping Spirit House” by the artist) to symbolise Filipino Unity and Cooperation. Other community members may join this “lipat-bahay” by carrying typical domestic articles and farm implements.

3. Wear flowery and colourful summer dresses and join in the “bulaklakan” or “panagbenga” group. Express the natural joyfulness and exuberance of Pinoys by carrying real or artificial flowers or simply wearing Filipino summer fashion, accessories and crinkets!

There will be Filipino food stalls and performances by the best of Filipino-Australian artists.

A very large multicultural crowd is expected as the Gardens is currently having its famous annual Japanese Cherry Blossoms and Spring Festival.

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