PCC-NSW turns 25, becomes ‘greenie’

By TFA | Emily Rudd, CC

With Australia’s National Tree Day marking its 20th on Sunday July 26, the Philippine Community Council of New South Wales (PCC-NSW) marked its 25th on the same day going ‘green’.

National Tree Day is a day of fun.
National Tree Day is a day of fun.

PCC-NSW officers and members of other Filipino-Australian community groups joined the Blacktown City Council in the council-hosted tree planting site at Moreau Reserve in Rooty Hill to plant native seedlings. The council has four other tree-planting sites across its five wards.

Under the banner of Planet Ark Environmental Foundation, the National Tree Day promotes sustainable resource use, encourage low carbon lifestyles and connect people with nature. Planet Ark’s other main event is its high profile recycling campaign “Cartridges 4 Planet Ark”.

PCC-NSW president Evelyn Beed, and event coordinators – PCC director Alex del Prado and past PCC-NSW president Ronaldo Villaver – led the group’s activity.

With over a dozen members of the ‘Greenie’ team including PCC-NSW’s past presidents Ric de Vera and Elsa Collado, the task was enjoyable and fun! There were also students and other community supporters including members of Couples for Christ and Ancop, who braved the cool morning breeze to join our greenie friends.

“It was great to see families with their young ones supporting the tree planting,” said Ms Beed.

PCC-NSW director Jojo Laquian remarked, “It was a great feeling giving back to the earth and show our concern for sustaining the environment.”

Blacktown City Council provided the plants, tools and gloves. The council supports National Tree Day and like other councils and shires around the country, residents plant local native species to enhance the environment and extend habitat for native wildlife.

Australia has planted over 22 million trees so far. Last year alone 4,000 tree-planting sites were added with over 300,000 community volunteers taking part.

Other local councils or shires make it a point to have regular planting tree times especially during the changing of the seasons.

My greenie friend who is active in Gosford –Wyong areas is always talking about how refreshing it is to be caring for the environment. I am a greenie too!

*** Emily Rudd is a director of PCC-NSW.

Photo Credits: Alex del Prado & Jojo Laquian

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