38 balikbayan box forwarders named in blacklist

THIRTY-EIGHT Philippine companies are included in the latest Department of Trade and Industry-Philippine Shippers Bureau (DTI-PSB) list of cargo forwarders with formal charges against them for engaging in freight forwarding without accreditation and/or with complaints against them pertaining to balikbayan boxes, an advisory yesterday from the Philippine Consulate General in Sydney showed.

“Members of the Filipino Community and their consignees in the Philippines are advised that the freight forwarding companies… are not accredited with the Department of Trade and Industry – Philippine Shippers’ Bureau (DTI-PSB),” the consulate advisory said.

“These unaccredited companies were issued formal charges by the DTI-PSB for engaging in freight forwarding without PSB accreditation and/or are subject of complaints pertaining to balikbayan boxes.”

In addition to names of companies operating freight forwarding businesses without accreditation, the DTI-PSB also released the names of 43 overseas-based companies whose Philippine agents or counterparts are under investigation: Australia (1), Bahrain (1), China (1), Cyprus (1), Germany (1), Hong Kong (1), Ireland (2), Italy (1), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (7), Kuwait (4), Malaysia (1), Singapore (3), United Arab Emirates (6), United Kingdom (2), and United States of America (11).

The DTI-PSB lists also included the names of four companies that were ordered to ‘show cause’ for complaints relating to balikbayan boxes delivery, name of one forwarder whose accreditation has been revoked, and names of three forwarders whose complaints have been endorsed to the Department of Justice.

The DTI-PSB also advised the public to refrain from doing business with the companies named in the shippers bureau lists.

“Consumers/consignees with companies on undelivered, pilfered, damaged or lost balikbayan boxes may report or submit a written complaint to DTI-PSB at fax (02)751-3305 or voice (02)751-3330,” the DTI-PSB added.

Balikbayan boxes are packages of personal effects sent as gifts by Filipinos residing or working abroad to their families or relatives in the Philippines.

The boxes can contain non-commercial goods or goods not in commercial quantity and for personal use only such as wearing apparel, clothing, foodstuffs/grocery items/canned goods the total value of which should not exceed US$500, according to the Philippine Bureau of Customs.

To download a copy of the list of unaccredited cargo forwarders, please click here. (pdf)

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2 Responses to "38 balikbayan box forwarders named in blacklist"

  1. Cata   September 12, 2017 at 10:56 am

    I just would like to add my complaint about losses from the balikbayan box which I sent through FOREX for the information of Filipinos in Australia who are sending through FOREX. A lot of items have been missing/stolen from the box I sent through them and when I rang FOREX they did not seem to believe me nor want to listen to my complaint. They were so uncaring and arrogant. Will never ever use their service again. Just a warning to Filiipinos who are thinking of using their service!!!!

  2. Victor Chavis   June 16, 2018 at 8:07 am

    Dear Sir, Ma’am,
    I need help requesting to add a particular shipping company to the blacklist to the Philippines. A company called Continental Freight Forwarders based in South Carolina has been scamming people for years and have made everyone that I know very weary about using ANY company that states that they could ship to the Philippines. I was taken advantage of about 5 months ago when I attempted to send approximately $1,000 in items to an orphanage in the Philippines and to this day it has not arrived. I have made countless attempts to contact the company but get no reply. after talking to friends I realized that there is a long, long list of people who have sent items that have not arrived of that have arrived after 6 months or who have had items stolen from their packages. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and Scam Report and was told that this company has never responded to their inquiries. Please advise on how I could warn others and take additional action on stopping the company from scamming others. Thank you.


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