Immigration assistance for overstayed visas

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has recently launched an information campaign to help those in Australia whose visas have expired.

DIAC’s service called Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS) provides information about appropriate immigration or departure options for people in Australia who have overstayed their visa or been granted a bridging visa E (BVE).

The DIAC’s CSRS unit has case officers who can grant a BVE while an immigration matter is resolved.

According to DIAC, BVEs are most commonly used where a visa application is being considered, a legal process is underway or a person is making plans to depart Australia.

For people whose visa has just expired, they should see a CSRS office to apply for a new visa.

The immigration department provides incentives for those approaching the CSRS within 28 days of a visa expiring.

The CSRS can be contacted at 1300 853 773 or at the CSRS website.

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