Pinoy journo in new Guiness record for boxing priest

Boxing priest Fr Dave (in white uniform) with third man in the ring, journalist Jimmy Pimentel, watching closely as Fr Dave set a world record.
Boxing priest Fr Dave (in white uniform) with third man in the ring, journalist Jimmy Pimentel, watching closely as Fr Dave set a world record.
Sydney’s Anglican Parish Priest, Fr Dave “Fighting Padre” Smith recently set a new Guinness World Record for the most number of continuous rounds of boxing, with a Filipino Australian journalist refereeing 45 rounds of the event.

Fr Dave, 50, boxed 120 rounds (3min a round with 1min rest in between) last Sunday April 1 which officially eclipsed the former world records of 25 rounds, as well as the unofficial record of 111 rounds in the USA.

Among those who helped set Fr Dave set a new Guiness record was journalist Jimmy Pimentel who is also the convenor of the Filipino Press Group of Sydney, a loosely formed association of journalists, bloggers, broadcasters, cartoonists, publishers, and editors. Jimmy refereed during the world record setting event.

Fr Dave took on all comers including world super-middleweight champion Anthony Mundine, heavyweight Solomon Houmono, light-heavyweight Nader Hamdan, and world contenders Lovemore Ndou and Sol Egribine.

The boxing rounds started at 12 noon and finished at 8pm.

Jimmy had boxed with Fr Dave in previous box-a-thons to raise funds for the youth drop-in centre which Father Dave runs in Dulwich Hill. This time he refereed the first two rounds, the final three rounds, and 40 rounds in between.

Belying his age of 70+ years, Jimmy kept up with the pace of the rounds he refereed and had gained the honour of refereeing the final three rounds of the new world record.

Three other referees from the Boxing Australia federation took part in the event. Jimmy refereed based on his credentials as a former referee of the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines.

Fr Dave might have danced like a butterfly as did Muhammad Ali, but Jimmy did some fancy footwork too.

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3 Responses to "Pinoy journo in new Guiness record for boxing priest"

  1. Romy C   April 10, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Thanks for sharing Violi. We look forward to hearing more about Fr Dave’s work in helping the youth as well as about Jimmy who has been helping raise the profile of the Filipino Australian community in Australia’s sports arena.

  2. Violi   April 10, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Thanks too Romy. You are right about the myriad of things that Jimmy initiates and inspires that raise the profile and involvement of the Filo-Aussie community. Fr Dave too has been doing a lot of good thiings for the youth through involving them in sports.

  3. Bless   April 12, 2012 at 1:17 am

    Congratulations to both Father Dave and Jimmy Pimentel – what a way to raise money! You guys make us proud! And thanks for sharing this story to the rest of the community, Violi. Once again, great jab 😉


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