Brave men of peace

Newly elected presidents Jhun Salazar of APCO (left) and Atoy Sayas of PCC-NSW.
Newly elected presidents Jhun Salazar of APCO (left) and Atoy Sayas of PCC-NSW.

Something wonderful happened at Radio Kawayan’s Adhika tribute night for the Filipino press on Sunday evening, March 25 at Burwood RSL Club: a divisive Filipino community wall went down.

In a heart-warming scene never witnessed before, the newly elected presidents Arturo ‘Atoy’ Sayas of PCC-NSW and Jhun Salazar of APCO shared a toast at the club’s Dome bar.

The openly happy and entertaining celebration, supported by Radio Sandigan and Radio Dalisay, presented the perfect background for friendship.

There was no trace of animosity that marked the breakup of these two organisations years ago and of the deepening chasm between them, no talk about who to blame for the breakup of Mr Sayas and Mr Salazar’s organisations, just idle and friendly banter. The two men simply enjoyed having a brief chat, even suggesting that there should be a way of working together.

To those lucky enough to witness their warm encounter, it was a sign of good things to come.

This was also a courageous step by the PCC-NSW president to reinforce his promise to bring true unity within the Filipino community within the state.

In his speech, Mr Sayas said that he believed in starting improvements from within his council and its affiliates.

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  1. Rob San Juan   March 27, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    i have read what mr sayas plans to do (see )…. would be useful to know what mr salazar has in mind for the filipino community in nsw…


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