All 20 artists for ‘One’, and ‘One’ for all Washi victims

In a week’s time, the music album that is becoming to be the “talk of the town”, and possibly another hallmark of the Filipino bayanihan spirit will launch.

The album called Charity CD One is a collective effort of Filipino Australians in media and arts who banded themselves as ALFA – Artists and Linked Friends in Action – to generate funds to assist in the rebuilding of Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro damaged from Typhoon Washi (Sendong) last December.

Charity CD ‘One’ features at least fifteen of the musical compositions of Fil-Australian multi-awarded composer-guitarist Oliver Gadista.

What makes the music album different is that it also features some of best song and performing artists in the community who have volunteered to share their talent, time and resources for the benefit of Typhoon Washi victims.

“The artists involved were carefully screened and chosen for the album not only because of their talents in singing or performance arts but also because of their generous spirits and ability to dream,” said ALFA spokesperson Mitchell Badelles.

Oliver Gadista, the composer
Oliver Gadista, the composer

The music album will launch in two stages, on Saturday March 3 at the Humanist House Hall in Chippendale (an inner-city Sydney suburb), and on Saturday March 17 at the P-Noy Lounge in Blacktown City.

The song artists who are also expected to make their appearance in the launch are Anina Antonio, Ganelle Cross, Marianne Cuasay, Cleo Diana, Criz Guce, Jason Gustaff (JMidas), Mary May Hapin, Matty Jay, Maria Sitchon Lado, Brian Lorenz, Rie Manaloto, Leiron Paul Noriel, Hannah Natoli, DJ P*Mode, Florabelle Grace Pasco, Erwin Querubin, Ryan Villamayor, Eugene Wong, and Oliver Gadista.

The Gadista-composed songs in the album are about life, love, faith and hope.

The songs include “Love is What We Need”, “Bigger” (performed by Brian Lorenz, lead guitar by Erwin Querubin), “Blessed” (performed by Ariane Cuasay with backing vocals by Rie Manaloto and rap by Jason Gustaff), “Every Chance” (performed by Florabelle Grace Pasco; song co-written with Genelle Cross), “Leaving” (performed by Cleo Diana), “Never Change a Thing” (performed by Rie Manaloto and Mary May Hapin, bass by Leiron Paul Noriel), “Save Me” (performed by Jason Gustaff, “Song for You” (performed by Maria Sitchon Lado, bass – Leiron Paul Noriel)

“Love is What We Need” (group song)

“Sunshine” (performed by Hannah Natoli), “The One” (performed by Matty Jay including Guitars), “Thy Will be Done” (performed by Rachel Wong), “Time and Space” (featuring DJ PMode.), “What Will You Do?” (performed by Criz Guce), “Wake Up” (performed by Oliver Gadista), and “You Make My Day” (performed by Genelle Cross, backing vocals by Rie Manaloto).

“The album title ‘One’ signifies our co-existence, and how one affects the other and how powerful unity can be,” said Badelles.

L-R: Maria Nilda Carpo, Gerry Musa, Josie Musa, Mitchell Badelles, Millie Marcial-Phillips, Bless Salonga, Oliver Gadista, Violi Calvert.
L-R: Maria Nilda Carpo, Gerry Musa, Josie Musa, Mitchell Badelles, Millie Marcial-Phillips, Bless Salonga, Oliver Gadista, Violi Calvert.

“It tackles a lot of real life situations, challenges and inspirational messages,” Badelles added.

Members of the ALFA team are Tom Baena, Mitchell Badelles, Violi Calvert, on Carpo, Nilda Carpo, Romy Cayabyab, Emma De Vera, Oliver Gadista, Menchie Maneze, Raquel Pellero, Millie Marcial-Phillips, Josefina Musa, Jimmy Pimentel, and Bless Salonga who is also the team’s overall coordinator.

The Filipino Australian has recently emailed the ALFA team to share their insight into the project, a private initiative undertaken independently of community organisations or government agencies.

Mitchell Badelles: Being able to project/express our desire to help others through this CD is one of the manifestations of love. Love is the only means of keeping this, our earth, together as one. We are all bound by love to provide for the less fortunate, for every single living thing on this planet.

Violi Calvert: It has been a real pleasure to have been part of this project. It has demonstrated unconditional collaboration, incredible talents and absence of ego issues, with everyone focussed on the project’s ultimate aims.

Maria Nilda Carpo: The greatest chance to Change is when we see survival stories that empower us and lift us from the everyday snares… to celebrate our passion and commitment to give. Nurturing strength of spirit to shield others in sudden misfortune, we have unified to deliver ALFA LOVE through songs and music.

Bless Salonga: This project evolved from the powerful seed of compassion to “bayanihan spirit” then cultivating talents. I am so proud and inspired by the generosity of the group and what’s great is I have gained true and real friends in the process. This just goes to show that a lot can happen when we are ONE and that LOVE can conquer all.

For information on how to get your copy of the charity music album, please visit the ALFA website.

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