Fil-Aussie handballer takes a break

Bevan Calvert playing reindeer with nieces and nephews
Bevan Calvert playing reindeer with nieces and nephews

Over the years, readers of this website have been following the achievements of Bevan Calvert, the Filipino Australian who has been making a mark in the Australian and overseas handball arenas.

The only Filipino Australian handballer who has played in four world championships and several other international tournaments, Bevan is a source of pride of the Filipino community.

In July 2008, he was a Global Filipino youth awardee in Sports. In 2009, his achievements featured in interstitials titled “Global Filipino” by the ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel. And years prior to that, he was one of the youngest recipients of an outstanding Filipino youth award from the Filipino Communities council of Australia.

Bevan, whose Filipino heritage comes from his mother Violi, is a member of the Australian Men’s Handball Team playing in a professional handball league in Europe.

At last month’s holiday break, Bevan took time off from the German handball Bundesliga league to spend Christmas with his family and friends. And like other family-oriented young man, he was game enough to play reindeer for his nieces and nephews.

It was a well earned rest for Bevan who is ranked equal 5th place as a top goalscorer in his division in the Bundesliga and number 4 top top goalscorer in his team TSV Altenholz. His scores do not include the free shots taken his team mates fo penalties he earned when he was fouled by their opponents.

Bevan has a full plate. In addition to training four days a week and playing matches on the weekends, Bevan is also doing an apprenticeship to become a licensed Fitness Trainer/Salesman.

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Skilled handballers get to play past thirty years of age. Being 25 years years old, Bevan has a few more years to continue to shine in his sport.

The Filipino Australian wishes this Fil-Aussie dynamo all the best in 2012 and the years to come.

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  1. Violi   January 28, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    Thanks Romy and TFA for your kind support to handball and Bevan over the years. You’ve done great research on info about Bevan. It is good of you to celebrate an Aussie kid’s achievements and help encourage more of our youth to be involved in handball or any sport.


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